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Act Today - Support the Candidates Who Support You and Your Business

16 Sep 2016 4:24 PM | Anonymous


KABR is giving  you the tools to Stand Up for Small Business.  The key is to support the candidates who support you.  MAKE IT COUNT!  With the polls running very close in a number of races, your vote matters.  And this is the time of year when elected officials and candidates are most eager to hear from you

Click here to read the chart for a list of candidates on the ballot and where they stand on our issues (if we know).  Many of our friends are facing fierce challengers and they need your help!

KABR is providing the step-by-step formula for a winning future – and we know it works!  KABR is doing the research to help you make informed choices for the elections.  The strategy is simple – we must support legislators and candidates who support us – please act now.  Legislative candidates cannot win without financial contributions, campaign signs, and volunteers to help with fundraisers and campaigning.  What to do:

  1. Pay your dues to KABR and attend the October 7-9, 2016 Wichita Conference.  Info at http://kansasretailer.org
  2. Establish your budget for campaign contributions for the 2016 Kansas Elections.  How much can you afford to give each week or every two weeks through the General Election November 8?   Can you host a fundraiser?  Post a message in support for your preferred candidate on Facebook?  Put up a campaign sign at your store and your home?
  3. Begin with your local House of Representatives race and Senate race.  If you have a supportive Representative and/or Senator who is running, contact them now.  Confirm their support.  Please make the maximum contribution you can afford and offer to post a campaign sign in your yard and/or at your store.  Your store and your home may be in different election districts and we encourage you to be involved in all of these races. You can and should contribute up to the maximum limit in both the primary election and the general election.  Find your legislators at http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/  or you can easily find your district by looking up your voter registration - see instructions at the bottom of this message.
  4. Contribute to and support legislative leaders and committee chairs who support us.  Contribute to and support other candidates across the state.  A list is available from the KABR Office 785-969-1617.
  5. Share information with KABR about the candidates you know.  Verify that current supporters still stand with us and talk to new candidates to gain their support.
  6. Remember to always have a conversation with the candidate(s) and be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email when sending contributions.  Reach out to them through telephone, email or show up at events.  Ask to be included on their mailing list.  

AND DON'T FORGET - THE GENERAL ELECTION IS NOVEMBER 8, so it is very important to reach out to those candidates before November.  You will receive more information about those candidates in the near future.



Check your voter registration:  Click this link or copy and paste into your browser for important information about your ballot  https://myvoteinfo.voteks.org/VoterView/RegistrantSearch.do   – you can view your ballot!

Simply enter your county, name and birthdate to see the address of your polling place, the districts you live in, and your voting history.  Under Sample Ballots, click on the underlined color letters of your precinct ballot.  You can see all of the choices you will make in the voting booth. 

Contacts:             Brian Davis, KABR President – 316-990-1425   Email President 

                                Amy Campbell, lobbyist – 785-969-1617    Email Lobbyist

Kansas Association of Beverage Retailers       P.O. Box 3842, Topeka, KS  66604      Email KABR  

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